You GOT TA have a GOTO

Do you have a GOTO??????????

What the heck is a GOTO?    (Go To)

A GOTO is somewhere that you family knows about.  It might be a draw, a cardboard box, a cupboard or that pile of papers in the corner.  It contains all the important stuff in your life.

I am a GOTO

LIKE   A list of the kid’s names and their favourite things: – Nokia, Apple, Samsung and any other phone screen name you can think of.

Also, other really important stuff like where the car keys should be rather than were you put them.

Seriously though everyone needs a GOTO.  A place that the whole families knows about and contains all the important documents and other things in your life.  The problem is that if something happens and you are drastically incapacitated, or you have passed.  Your family need to know what you want and where to find things: – IE

Do you want to be a organ donator

Your Passwords for ALL of your phones, internet life.

Your Bank accounts.  Which Bank or Bank’s.  Some people have several accounts that families are not aware of.

Which Insurance and Superannuation companies you have policies with.

Who holds your Mortgage

Don’t have a Mortgage who holds your property deeds

Your health directive (Do you really want to be resuscitated)

Your Last Will and Testament and who holds it.

Who are your executor’s for your will?

Your funeral arrangements and who you want to look after those affairs when the time arises


In recent times a family came to me and explained that their loved one had passed.  Unfortunately, the gentleman did not have a GOTO and the family went ahead and arranged his funeral with another company.  They thought long and hard about what they thought he would have wanted.  However, some months later they discovered that he had already pre-paid and pre-planed his funeral with Academy Funerals.  He had chosen a very specific solid timber coffin along with who was to act as Pallbearers, the type and colour of his flowers.  The crematorium including which chapel he wanted, the Civil Celebrant he wanted to handle the celebration for him.  He had also spoken to the celebrant and given him a written brief on what he wanted to be said.  The music was set along with a video presentation that had been partially compiled.  And best of all everything had been paid in full.

Unfortunately, he ended up being buried in a grave with an uncle that had passed before he was born.  His coffin was made from painted Particle board and a minister of religion handled the service for them.  Because of the company they had used the total cost was almost $4000.00 more than the funeral he really wanted and had paid for.

You GOT TA have a GOTO for peace of mind