Why choose Academy Funerals for your Funeral Arrangements?

Ashley and Katrina’s personal promise to you is that from your first contact with us to the final goodbye at the completion of the funeral you will receive the best possible service that we can provide.  When someone you love dies the people you look for are someone you can trust to help and guide you through the many decisions that need to be made at one of the most difficult times of life.  We will assist and guide you with compassion that you deserve.

Our aim is to make this difficult and often heart wrenching time as painless as possible.  We promise to listen to you.  Respect your wishes and devote all our attention to ensuring that you have the necessary support throughout the complete funeral process.  Professionalism and compassion are something that we insist on and ensure that it extends through everything that we do.  We will take your loved one into our care and make an appointment at a time and place that suites you and your family.  Where we will ascertain your every wish in preparing the funeral.  We will take care of all the administration details on your behalf.  And personally take care of the funeral service itself.  At all times we will strive to ensure that the dignity of the event will be maintained way beyond all expectations.

A funeral for many people is when they come and “Pay Their Last respects” The words “To Pay Last Respects” have been with us for many years and still hold true in this day and age.  It is a time when we put aside our busy lives for a period of time, visit the family of the deceased or attend the funeral service.  No matter who the person was, what they have or have not achieved during their lives is of little consequence.

What is important is that we have acknowledged that the person existed and that they had a positive effect on us as a person.  There are many times during our lives where we acknowledge a person or their achievements.  For instance:   Their Birth, Baptism, First Communion, Graduation, Marriage Birth of their first and successive children and the list goes on.  Nevertheless, the most important is the last time we acknowledge them publicly and this is at the funeral service.  Furthermore, it is also of little consequence, of what format the funeral takes.  It may be a simple memorial service where the person who has passed is not present.

And the family and friends have not attend the actual graveside or cremation.  Or it may be the normal Australian Funeral held in a Church, Chapel or other more personal surroundings like a Park or a Beach.  Then again it may be a grand lavish affair held in the best Cathedral and televised around the world.  What is important is that the person has been acknowledged and respected with dignity in death.  Whatever, format the service takes our promise to you is that we will strive to give you the respect and dignity far beyond all expectations that you deserve.

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