The Book of Memories



The Management and Staff of Academy Funerals and Polynesian Funerals would like to acknowledge those who have passed during the month of May 2018 / 2019.  We also offer our sincere condolences to their families and thank them for the trust that they have shown in allowing Academy Funerals to be of service to them at such a sad time.


Jack Lonsdale Harrington (K A John)
Edgardo Manuel Wexselblatt
Brian David Clarke
Jacqueline Helen Smith
Russell Walker Davidson
Graham Philip Wardle
Patricia Margaret Fleet
Gwendoline Newbery
David Bolton
Helmut Colfach
Veronica Daphne Galloway
Russell Stuart Adams
Helen Jane Swan
George Herbert Whiteley
Robert Allan Coldwell
Lisa Catherine Crawford
Karol Juaj Bauer
Beryl Partridge
Hector Manley Fox  (KA Ken)
Gwenda Joyce Graham
Shirley Ellen Scholl
Julie-Anne Goodman
John Graham Wardrop
John Smith
Denise Janne McCredden
Donald Simpson
William John Jenyns
Tereza Lukinic
Gwenda Margaret Glenrich
Marie Wilma Harvie
Ralph Esdale Warner
Valerie Ann Bossert
Veronica Mary Power
Donald Victor Miller
Tze Kin U
Sheila Frances Judd
Kevin Francis Walklin
John Andrew Orr
Tataio Magele
Benjamin Paul Pomare
Geogette Ho we chung
Andrew Earl Taikato
Jeffrey Puhotau
Denis Alfred Steinhardt
Chandra Prasad
Luke Ephraim Tarrant
Ljaiva Mulitalo