The Management and Staff of Academy Funerals and Polynesian Funerals would like to acknowledge those who have passed during the month of January 2019.  We also offer our sincere condolences to their families and thank them for the trust that they have shown in allowing Academy Funerals to be of service to them at such a sad time.

Graeme William Jackson

Angela Mary Bussa

Elizabeth Margaret Green

Stephen Bernard Maddock

Christine Margaret Lovett

Eileen Rose Olley

Robert John Ballingall

Birgit Hugglund

John Lewis Harris

Michael Anthony Heuts

Allan John Case

Shirley Patricia Anthony

Carron Frances Lamont

Seo Prasad

Leslie Charles Green

Harry Norman Stegman

Alyx Kathleen Hardacre

Shirley Mitchell

Alan Robert Smith (BOB)

Keijo Gunnard  Roiko

Charlotte De Raadt

Vitale Boccabella

Savannah Anne Limov

Francis Michael Hemeter

Daphne May Gray

Lio Paulo

Lucy Fale

Tuainekore Akanoa Tukaroa

Harry  Tamarapa