How To Stay Cool And Healthy Right Up To Your Cremation or Burial

As people get into the mid-50s, many of them give up on life and start thinking of death, yet they have many more years of life if they have the right attitude. Death can occur at any time in life but the probability of death becomes more inevitable and avoiding it should become more a part of your life to get the most out of your golden years. Being older does not mean you have no more business enjoying life.

Living to a ripe old age depends on how well you treat yourself and not how old you are. Many people in their 70s live an active life, and they have plenty of energy in them.  There are a lot of Australians over 65. That are still working in high pressure occupations, driving trucks and successfully running the vast majority of successful small business that are the mainstay of the Australian economy.   When many people younger than 65 have thrown in the towel and consider themselves exhausted with nothing more in life to look forward to. Advanced age is not a limit to having aspirations and working to attain them. The only barrier to your dreams is in your attitudes and the approach you take as you advance in age. Here are suggestions to help you enjoy life to the fullest even as old age sets in.

Healthy is The New Cool

1. Eat the Right Food

The body requires energy for it to run properly. The food we eat is the source of energy for the body. However, you need to be careful about the food you consume as it has positives and negatives. As you age, you need to pay more attention to taking quality food more than at any other stage in life. You have heard about how to maintain the right BMI, but it is hard to live by that.

The food’s glycemic content is an important thing to understand. This load is an estimate of how a person’s glucose level in the blood rises after consuming some food. Sugary food is metabolized very quickly, and unless one engages in rigorous physical exercise, that sugar will convert into fat. When the body has excess fat, it becomes susceptible to health complications.

2. Exercise

The body requires physical challenges that will exert pressure on the muscles and help them grow. Being physically active at work is not enough to give your body the strength is deserves. The body needs to have regular exercise to avoid developing weak muscles. Engaging in tough practices can improve the condition of bones, tendons, and muscles in the body. Proper exercising gives you the energy to face any task instead of the feeling of weaknesses that makes you cringe from any challenge.

3. Do not retire and wait to die!

Retiring is accepting death because it means you have nothing else in life to live or work for. Have a sense of purpose in life even at an advanced age. If you are in good health, you have no reason just to sit and wait for your death. Let it find you doing something worthwhile for you and the rest of humanity. There is plenty you can do before you die.  Work on that hobby, spend time listening to the kids at your local school reading.  Be a mentor to a younger person.  Join in the community, make a difference.  Go into politics if only to “Keep The Bastards Honest”.  You might be getting on in years but you still have a lot to offer.  We are created with a lot of potential, and we should not take any of it to the grave. Therefore, every moment spent on earth should be used for a worthwhile purpose. Make the world a better place. Anyone can do this!

4. Find out what works for you and stick to it

In your advanced age, you can tell what works for you and what does not. Do not waste time with things that do not function for you. Identify what works well for in your case and stick to it. Avoid things and people who do not add any value to your life. Simplify your life and remove any clutter that clouds your focus.

5. Appreciate how you Look

Your body will change as you age. The changing appearance should not have any significance if you are focused on your purpose. Appreciate the fact that you have nothing you can do about your changing appearance. Even if people do not approve of your appearance, that should not bother you at all.

6. Spend your time well

In the old age, life may end at any time. However, that should not prevent you from focusing on your purpose. Although you do not have control over prolonging your life, you can have some influence on it. Do not hold back on the things you have planned to do. Change any circumstances that affect the pursuit of your purpose. If you cannot make any changes, adjust to it and carry on.

Getting Ready for your Funeral so you can live TODAY

As you engage in various activities during your last days on earth, you can as well prepare your funeral. Many families fall apart after the death of their loved one especially if the deceased was the head of the household. It becomes hard for the family to reach agreements during the awkward moments. When people lose their loved ones, some are unable to live with the reality of death. However, preparing them for the eventuality of death makes them accept the situation when it happens.

Often people are buried or cremated according to the wishes of others. By making the arrangements when you are living, you will have control over what will happen on your final day. The arrangements you make will help the family and friends mourn and remember you in the way that reflects on you. Cement your legacy by planning a very personal funeral! Consider contacting Academy Funerals.  Take the step and plan your future with an experienced local Australian small business.

We can also put you in touch with experienced professional celebrants that will assist in preparing the actual service for you.  Your attention and energy will be focused on the goals you have identified “A Cool Way To Live”. No one knows the time to leave the earth, and it is, therefore, better for death to catch up with you in active service instead of being caught doing nothing.

First Posted “Cremation Solutions” 30/05/2017