How to get an accurate and useful Funeral Price

As you may have discovered there are many sites around offering prices for funerals; most of them will give you an estimate from the limited choices that are offered.

Some supply the price by way of an SMS message while others are a return message to your E-mail address.

Frequently this price is grossly under stated or completely incorrect and misleading, only because the website has not shown all the options that are available.

To choose a funeral that suits your personal and financial needs we have compiled a list of items that should be considered when preparing and making funeral arrangements.

Look at the incomplete list below and choose the options that best suit your circumstances, make a note of them and when our consultant calls you have all the information ready:

  • Pre-arranged funerals
  • Pre-paid funerals
  • Funeral Bonds
  • Funeral Insurance
  • Burials (Individual cemetery prices)
  • Burials with a church service
  • Burials with a church service and a committal at the grave side
  • Burials at the graveside only
  • Burials with no service and no attendance
  • Burials with a memorial service when the coffin/casket is not present
  • Burial for babies and children
  • Internments in above ground vaults
  • Cremations with a service at a crematorium
  • Cremations with a church service followed by a committal at the crematorium
  • Cremations with no service and no attendance at the crematorium
  • Cremation with a memorial service when the coffin/casket is not present
  • Cremations for babies and children
  • Funeral services in parks, gardens, private homes and beaches
  • Sea burial
  • Repatriations to another Country or State (Taking your loved one home)
  • Culturally specific funerals
  • Keeping your loved one home for a period of time before the funeral
  • Religious Funerals
  • Secular or civil Funerals
  • Scattering and placement of cremated remains
  • Sending or taking cremated remains overseas
  • Funeral Celebrants (Religious and Civil)
  • Funeral flowers
  • Coffins and Caskets
  • Cardboard coffins
  • Build your own coffin or casket
  • Cremation Urns
  • Cremation Jewellery
  • Music to be played at funerals (The requirements for crematoriums and Churches)
  • DVD presentations at funerals (Acceptable formatting for use at crematoriums and Churches)
  • Can computers be used in conjunction with sound systems at crematoriums
  • Hearses
  • Motor bike hearses
  • Embalming (Is it necessary and when is it required)
  • Memorial books
  • Order of service
  • Book marks and other publications
  • Funeral notices in News Papers (Local, interstate and overseas)
  • Funeral notices on the Internet (Free funeral websites)
  • Funerals when the coroner is involved
  • What to do if a person wants to pass away at home
  • What happens when the death occurs in a hospital or Nursing home
  • What happens when the death occurs while in custody
  • Assisting people with travel visas to come to Australia for a funeral
  • How much you can I do myself.

Each funeral arrangement is unique just like the person that it is intended for.  Subsequently, the best way to obtain an accurate obligation free price is to talk to a professional funeral director who is trained in all aspects of the funeral industry.  The consultant that will call you will answer all questions honestly leaving you with an accurate price for you to consider.

If requested the prices can be E-mailed or posted in hard copy to you as a confirmation of what has been spoken about.

As your privacy is paramount to us any personal details supplied will be used only as directed by yourself.  Furthermore we will not send any unsolicited E-mails and apart from the initial telephone conversation we will not contact you again unless you request a follow up call.

Furthermore, your details will not be supplied to any third party.

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