Happy New Year  — OR IS IT?????


The start of a new year for many people is a wonderful event.

Full of hope and promise for a myriad of things and events to come.

Whereas for many others it is the start of a brand-new year without the person that you loved more than life itself.


There is nothing that can be said or done to magically take the pain away it is with us all day every day and never leaves.  However, as 2019 progresses we will all start to gradually adapt to our particular circumstances and the pain is a little easier to take as each month passes.

This doesn’t mean that we no longer care about our loved one, it is just our loved one’s way of slowly releasing is from the grip of grief.  As the months and years go by, we will all eventually return to what passes as normal and life once again takes on a new meaning.


Consequently, Ashley, Katrina and Andrew of Academy Funerals hope that you have the best 2019 that you can.


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