Funeral Services – Celebrant or Clergy?

What’s the difference?

Do I need one at all?

The main person who speaks at the funeral is known as a celebrant.

The celebrant can be: –

  •             A Minister of Religion
  •             A Trained Civil Celebrant
  •             A friend of the family
  •             Yourself


There is no legal requirements governing funeral services like there are for weddings.  Anyone can celebrate a funeral.  No formal qualification is necessary.  All you have to do is to be confident enough to honour the person as they and their family would want.


A minister of religion “Celebrates the Funeral” this means that he/she will celebrate the life of the person returning to their heavenly father from where they came.

This will be done with the use of suitable scriptures and other rituals related to the particular religion.

If the person is a regular church attendee or has an affiliation with a particular religion then the best person to use is a Minister of religion or Clergy.

The minister may or may not come to your home to talk to you about your particular requirements.  Most ministers are bound by the particular religious restraints of their church.  Nevertheless, they are all kind and caring people who will do their best to assist all families.

Celebrant, “Civil”

A Civil Celebrant is a person who has been trained to celebrate funerals with or without religion.  They will normally come to your home and talk to you about the person.  Then they go away and write a service that they feel will suit the occasion.  The service is then E-mailed to the family for checking.  And once everything has been checked and signed off by the family the celebrant will perform the service.

A civil celebrant can use religion if the family requests.  However, most people requiring the services of a civil celebrant don’t want or want minimal religious content.

Both celebrants will assist families with the choice of music, photo presentations and most important of all.  They will keep track of timing during the service.

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