Father’s Day 2018

Its “Father’s Day” again.

My youngest son was killed in a tragic road accident on the 26th June 2003 a little over 15 years ago now.  At the time he was 22 years old and like most kids of that age completely bullet proof.  His name IS Dane.  (Not Was But IS) As a child he was at times a perfect angel while at other times he reminded us  that there are also angels in hell as well.  Time went by and he grew up and discovered the ugly world of drugs.  At this point he became something that we, his parents couldn’t recognise.  He was nothing like the boy we had razed, loved and cared for during his younger years.  Nevertheless, when he was off the drugs he was the great kid that we knew again.  Always loving and caring for others and willing to go the extra bit to help.  Then around 5:00 Am on Thursday 26th June we got a knock on our door.  The police had arrived to tell us of the events pertaining to Dane’s death.  It was not a surprise that drugs and a stolen car were involved.  Since that time, we have had contact with a lot of families who have been in similar positions.  Just about all of us agree that time does not heal it just dulls the pain to the extent that we all eventually come to terms with what has happened.  We also have 2 older son’s and grandchildren.  For which I am eternally grateful and blessed.  Nevertheless, some fathers have lost their only child.  This is hard, but we must always remember that we are still that child’s father and the love we have will never go away or fade as the years progress.

From one bereaved father to another.  Have the best Father’s Day that you can.