So many are experiencing loss at this time of year especially as emotions are high and can come to us when we least expect it.  We can quickly become overwhelmed.  Since my brother died, I have learned a couple of things that have helped me deal with grief.  Grief comes in waves lasting 20 to 30 minutes because our bodies can’t sustain such strong grieving for much longer than that. In time it will be less and less, they’ll be smaller and further apart.  Don’t resist these waves, it’s a part of your healing. Allow yourself to flow through them and be patient with yourself.  Feeling helpless and broken, as others celebrate the holidays… and pretending and putting on that brave face for everyone around you is exhausting.  Christmas is a time for memories.  All of our senses move us backwards in time, with the lights and foods, the smells and songs. It’s easy to say ‘be thankful for what you have’ or ‘they’d want you to be happy at Christmas’… it’s another to accept it.

I know it’s OK to ‘pass’ on Christmas, to stay home and say no thanks to festivities. I just don’t feel I should.  By being around others and not wanting to spoil their holidays, forces me to wait to deal with how I feel.

So, for me I push these waves back as best I can knowing that I’ll make time for it later. I’ll wait until I’m alone and I’ll cry, write, talk to them. I’ll look at pictures, and just miss them. I know if I don’t allow myself this time, I won’t be able to continue through the holidays without them, with any strength I’ll surely fall apart.  As you continue through the process of grieving, as you make your way through the sadness, I believe every day is a day closer to some peace of mind.

Some suggestions I found that may help you get through the holidays…

* The anticipation of the day will probably be much worse than the day itself.

* Take a flask of soup and some sandwiches and GO WALKING ON CHRISTMAS DAY.

* Be prepared to weep as you get out the decorations. Set aside a time to do this as a family or on your own.

* Make a Christmas wreath or decorations you could place on their grave.

* ACCEPT ANY OFFERS OF HELP and don’t feel like a failure for doing so.

* For the first empty Christmas, don’t try to recreate old rituals. DO SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. If possible,

get away somewhere and begin to create some new special memories Even if it’s a disaster, it will be a different sort

of disaster!

* Try to find very good friends to spend _me with, where you can really be SAFE and you can all cry, laugh, whatever.

* Try to spend at least a short time, just as a family, to allow each person to remember or share something about how

they feel. Be careful not to spend too much time on this as it may be too heavy.

* LIGHT A SPECIAL CANDLE on Christmas Day.

* Avoid the shops as much as possible – it can make Christmas feel more empty and shallow than it already feels.  Don’t be pressured into feeling you HAVE to do anything – remember you only have to do as much as you want to do.


Reprinted from “The Compassionate Friends” December Newsletter

National Helpline
We have a new national 24 hour help line number for those in need:
1300 064 068


Passed away peacefully on Monday 9th December 2019 at Wesley Hospital

Much loved husband of Valerie, father of Philip, Edwina, Howard and Andrew and grandfather to Louis, Tom, Phoebe, Hannah, Alec, Jimmy, Sarah, Jack, Zoe and Liam

A life lived with a cheeky grin and ready with a helping hand for others.

Family and friends are invited to a service at Centenary Memorial Gardens, 353 Wacol Station Road, Sumner, Brisbane on Tuesday 17th December 2019 at 3.00pm


Yvonne Violet McKenzie
William Kedron Wakerley
Lilly Brosnan
Catherine Louise McDonald
John Jerrad Burke
Dorothy Evelyn Peck
Aubrey James Cox
James Kenneth Nowlan
William Charles Hunt
Cyril Victor Robson
Evelyn Isobel McHugh
Winnie Coral Westbrook
Joseph Pearson
Bruce Brian Calder
Evelyn Jaskiewicz
Jozsef Rakosi
Elijah Lancashire
Mary Elizabeth Martell
Tihomir Ignjatovic
Brian Michael Southern
Dorothy Beryl Inglis
Graham Noal Martell
John William Tickner
Roderick Stephen  Taylor
Rudolf Burkhard
James Thomas Daley
Timothy Andrew Gilchrist
Glenn Linden Austin
Joyce Eliza Rosenberg
Maria Borka
Elizabeth Eden Perkins
Margaret Anne Biancofiore
Suzette Merrelle Amanda Fraser
Aaron Brian Lergessner
Lorraine Joy Morgan
Sidonia Mikac (KA Sonia)
Doris Gladys McGrath
Bernard  Joseph Mawn
William James Sheehan
Joseph Patrick Roche
Norman Frederick Chart 
Eva Millicent Bauers
Desleigh Ann Watson
Gwendolyn Joyce Bannin
Beth Jane Anne Casey
Joyce Alice Forrester
Lorna Helen Little
Enid May Blake
Ronald Albert George
Dianne Maria Jannes
Tan-tho Nguyen
Kathleen Joan Shkardoon
Kyle Leslie Canisi
Terry James Willshire
Stewart Owen O’Driscoll
Augustus James McDermott
Douglas John Arthur 
Helen June Christ
Eric Arthur Thew
Eleuterio Vargas Gallardo
Toni Maree Condon
Tomoko Kawada-Brown 
Peter John Brownlie Henderson
Lois Fay Cordell
William Paul Beebe
Beverley Ann Burton
Harmony  Jade Hanton
Albert Arthur De Salvo
Graham Frederick Tyford
William Paul Engris
Pamela Irene Hammond
Wayne Victor Sims
Douglas Roy Martin
Robert Alexander Bulloch
Lawrence Hugh Smith
Bradley  David Rowe
Robert Alexander Brown
Sylvia Hazel Mary Orr
Jasmin Nichole McDougall
Leonard John  Franklin
John Edward Murphy
Desmond John Wilkinson
Leon Barrie Gourlay
Thomas Stuart Thring
Stephen Michael Manning
David Robin McFarlane
Mervyn Keith Thomas
Simon Hogarth MacDonald
Peter Kenton Clements
Giuseppi Canisi
Geoffrey William Moy
Salvatore La Spina  (SAM)
Peter Choi Pawuoi   (From Kenya)
Shirley Ruth Stone
Jo Anne Theresa Haywood
Sohan Lal
Audrey Leah Arndt
Geoffrey John Pearce
John Owen Walter Gerard
Julie Anne Henderson 
Annabel Marjorie Rowley
Christian Van der Hulst
Denis Alan Crisp
Donna Lorraine Nicol
Beatrice Larder
Phyllis Rhoda Adams
Rosalind Mary Alexandra Blair
Gary Edward Smith
Tanya Marie Mageean
Doreen Valerie Farrar
Margaret Yvonne  Fowke
Allan Steward Timms
Irene Mary Green
Paul Gerard Nuttall
Eithne Mary Campbell

YOUNG Joyce Watkins

YOUNG Joyce Watkins
Late of Sandgate, however, better known from Morven and Deagon.
Joyce passed away peacefully on Sunday 24th November 2019.  At the time of her passing Joyce was only 92 years of age. 
Joyce has now re-joined the love of her life and soulmate Kevin who passed before her.  Joyce leaves behind her loving son’s John and Paul whose lives will forever be diminished by her passing.
Joyce or Grandy as she was better known will also be sadly missed by her daughter-in-law Sharon and her grandchildren Ellie and Jack who will always hold there Grandy in their hearts because of that special bond that can only exist between a grandchild and a grandparent. 
At this time Joyce’s family would like to thank the doctors, Nurses and Support staff of Regis Sandgate “Musgrove” for the care and attention that they showed to Joyce and her family that made Joyce’s final days as happy and peaceful as possible. 
Joyce’s family and friends are invited to her celebration of life service that will be held in the Garden Chapel of the Albany Creek Memorial Park Crematorium, 400 Albany Creek road Bridgeman Downs on Thursday 28th November 2019.  The service will commence at 12:00 Midday
Also check out Joyce’s Funeral Zone Memorial Page on our website.  Please leave a message or light a candle in memory of Joyce

CARTWRIGHT John James “Ted”

CARTWRIGHT John Edward  “Ted”
Late of Banyo, passed away peacefully Sunday 17th November 2019 at the time of his passing John or Ted as he was better known was 89 years of age.
Ted leaves behind his loving daughter “Lynn” and grandchild Steven who will always remember their Grandad.
At this time Ted’s family would like to thank the Doctors Nurses and Support staff of “the Prince Charles Hospital Palliative Care Unit” for the kindness and care that they gave to John and his family that made John’s final days as peaceful as possible.
Ted’s friends and relatives are warmly invited to attend his celebration of life service that will be held in the Chapel of the Pinnaroo Crematorium 285 Grahams Road Bridgeman Downs on Monday 25th November 2019, John’s service will commence at 1:00 pm

SCOTT James David

SCOTT James David – Retired Chief Engineer “Kegs”
Late of Zillmere.  Passed away peacefully surrounded by the love of his family on Wednesday 13th November 2019 at the age of 81 years.
Dave leaves behind the love of his life and soulmate Judith, as well as his loving children Cameron, James, Andrew, Sarah and their partners.
Dave or Grandpa as he was better known will also be sadly missed by his adoring grandchildren, Alexandra and Georgia, Jasmine and Maddison, Ella, Ava and Isla, Isabel and Harrison who will always remember him for his kind heart and loving advice.
At this time Dave’s family would like to thank the Doctors, Nurses and Support staff of The Prince Charles Hospital: for the care and attention that they gave to Dave that made his final days as peaceful as possible.
Dave’s family and friends are warmly invited to attend his celebration of life service that will be held in the Garden Chapel of the Albany Creek Memorial Park Crematorium 400 Albany Creek Road Bridgeman Downs on Wednesday 20th November 2019 commencing at 12:00 Noon
For further information please contact Academy Funerals 617 3261 8222 or E-mail  or visit our website
Also check out James’s Funeral Zone Memorial Page on our website

CLARKE Graham Douglas

CLARKE Graham Douglas
A true gentleman has entered the gates of heaven crossing over the Rainbow Bridge where he was greeted by his patiently waiting dogs, “His Fur Babies”
Graham passed away peacefully in the Palliative Care Unit of The Prince Charles Hospital during the early hours on Friday 8th November 2019.  At the time of his passing Graham was just 72 years of age.
Graham leaves behind his loving wife Marilyn and an enormous amount of people who were privileged to call Graham a friend.
On behalf of Graham we all thank the Doctors, Nurses and Support staff of “The Prince Charles Palliative Care Unit” for the love care and attention that they so freely gave to Graham that made his final days as peaceful and happy as possible
Graham’s family and friends are invited to his memorial service that will be held in Chermside Kedron Community Church Corner of Rode Road and Gympie Road Chermside.   Saturday 16th November 2019 Commencing at 1:00 Pm

GODDARD Faye Mizpah

GODDARD Faye Mizpah
Late of Albany Creek.  Faye passed away peacefully surrounded by the love of her family on Saturday 2nd November 2019. At the time of her passing, Faye was just 78 years of age.
Faye leaves behind her loving partner Barry and devoted children Julie-Anne, Scott and their spouses, Manasa and Shannara.
Faye or Gran as she was better known will also be sadly missed by her adoring grandchildren, Shelley, Elisa, Noa, Rocco and Bella and great grandchild Aria, each of whom will miss her because of that special bond that can only exist between a grandparent and a grandchild. Barry’s grandchildren Alexander, Piper and Mia will also miss Faye.
At this time Faye’s family would like to thank the Doctors, Nurses and Support staff of “The Prince Charles Palliative Care Unit” for the un-ending love, care and attention that they so freely gave that made Faye’s final days as peaceful and happy as possible.
Faye’s family and friends are warmly invited to attend her celebration of life service that will commence in the Pinnaroo Crematorium chapel within the grounds of the Pinnaroo cemetery 285 Graham Rd, Bridgeman Downs at 1pm Friday the 8th November. Faye’s request is that all attendees wear bright and colourful attire for her memorial.
After the service those in attendance are requested to follow the hearse to Faye’s final resting place within the Pinnaroo cemetery. Attendees are then invited to make their way to Faye and Barry’s home at 7 Simpson Court, Albany Creek for light refreshments and to share stories.

Memorial Book November

Marion Jackson
Mervyn Charles Thompson
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June Champion
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Ronal Morelle
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Fred Simon Burns

McLain Ann-Marie

MCLAIN, Ann-Marie of New Farm

Ann-Marie passed away unexpectedly on 15th October 2019.  At the time of her passing she was 73 years of age.

Ann-Marie leaves behind her daughter Chelsea, grandson Kieran and son in law David. Dearly loved daughter of the late Marie and Bill McLain, sister to Genny and Ranald, aunt to Sam, Paul Craig, Edward and Adam. Much loved friend and colleague to so many.  All of whose lives will forever be diminished by her passing.

Ann-Marie’s family and many friends are warmly invited to attend her Mass that will be held in “St Joseph The Worker” Catholic Church, 15 Peplow Street, Hemmant on Friday 25th October 2019.  The service will commence at 9:00am.  After the mass those in attendance are invited to follow the hearse to the Hemmant Cemetery where Ann-Marie will be laid to rest.