Can I Witness the Cremation?

It is possible for arrangements to be made will all crematoriums for family members to witness a cremation.  However, it must be remembered that all crematoriums charge an extra fee for this.

For families who want to be involved in all aspects of the funeral arrangements, witnessing the cremation is the equivalent of participating in the burial; the final act of taking full care of the deceased.

Furthermore, witnessing the cremation is a normal part of the funeral service for certain religions.

Whereas, other people just want to see the process through to the end.  While still others have heard of the urban myth that bodies are tipped out of the coffin before the cremation takes place.  I can, however, assure you that this is not true.

What will you see at the cremation?

The process is the same at all crematoriums.  First the coffin is removed from the chapel and placed on a loader.  The loader is aligned in front of the cremator door.  At this point the name plate is removed and placed in a rack beside the cremator door.  This is used to identify the person being cremated while later to identify the cremated remains.

Once the cremator reaches the set temperature the crematorium technician presses the charge (or load) button. The door of the cremator opens. You will see and hear the generated heat. The cremator is charged (loaded) with the coffin and the door is automatically lowered.  The whole charging process takes around 30 seconds.

At this point you will be ushered out of the cremator room to re-join your family as once the door of the cremator closes there is nothing more to see.

The cremation process takes around 40 to 50 minutes.  After which the ashes are removed and left to cool in a metal tray with the name plate from the coffin attached.  In many cases the ashes can be available after 48 hours.

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It should be noted that witnessing a cremation can be very traumatic and may have a lasting psychological affect on some individuals. Your discretion is encouraged.