Broaching the Funeral Subject

We are often asked how to broach the subject of funeral plans and funeral arrangements either by children of ageing parents or concerned elderly individuals wanting to make their choices clear to their family.

The simple act of knowing what a family member’s funeral wishes are can alleviate a lot stress when the time does actually come.

Whatever your approach, perhaps an inclusive family conference or casually dropping the topic into a conversation – be prepared for the response and what course of action (if any) to take next:

  • You may need to investigate the family burial plot; the location (in Australia or overseas), the condition and whether there is room for more family members to be interred, either full burial or as ashes. Contact the cemetery with any information you may have and they will provide you with a report and advice.
  • Contact Academy Funerals for an obligation-free discussion of your options.
  • Evaluate the benefits of pre-payment, funeral insurance, funeral Bond or setting money aside in a separate bank account.

We advise researching your options when you can make rational and informed decisions. Families with clear instructions for the funeral are noticeably more relaxed. They are able to concentrate their time and energies on creating an event that is more inclusive and personal.

Academy Funerals have met with thousands of  individuals who were keen to discuss their funeral arrangements. Some had very detailed plans which utilised the various talents of family members and friends. Others were not aware of all of the options that were available to them and welcomed an open discussion with us on various topics relation to funeral arrangement and funeral services.

We at Academy Funerals offer an obligation free consultation with families. We are more than happy to come and visit you in the comfort of your home and discuss your requirements and will not place any pressure on you to make any decisions at that time.

Please contact us on 07 3261 8222 to book your obligation free consultation with us.