Arranging your Funeral with Symbolism and Music

Funeral arrangements are often considered by family and close friends once a loved one passes. It is worthwhile, however, having some ideas in mind for your own funeral arrangement and advising those close to you what your wishes are.

Below is some information on the most popular elements of traditional funeral services. Remember, funeral services are what you and your loved ones want them to be, so these ideas may not be suitable for all but are some of the most popular.


For many years flowers and funerals have always gone together.  In the early yours it was thought that the spirit of the deceased would be way-laid at the grave site smelling and admiring the flowers which gave the mourners time to dissipate before the spirit followed them home.

Now days, you can usually choose a favourite flower or combination of flowers and colours for a casket spray. Single flowers, or a bunch of flowers tied with ribbon are other options. Some people have used baskets of vegetables, sports equipment and other goods to personalise the floral tribute.

Although the tradition has been for friends to send flowers, some families prefer to invite them to make a donation to a particular charity or community service in memory of the person who has died.

If you choose this option we will ensure that envelopes for the particular charity are available at the service and that the money collected is delivered to the organisation after the funeral.


You may wish to consider the following as possible symbols to include in the funeral service.

Candles are generally recognised as a universal symbol of love, light and hope. Candle lighting during the service is always a poignant ritual.

A flag draped over a coffin, the playing of the Last Post, and the red poppies used in the RSL tribute speak to us of a person’s contribution to his or her country.

Military medals are frequently displayed as they are something the person would have been very proud of.

Another flag symbolic of the deceased’s country of birth may also be another option and may or may not be displayed in conjunction with the Australian flag.

Academic, sporting or community achievement awards tell us of other achievements in a person’s life.

Art, craft, other artefacts and hobbies show additional dimensions of the person whose life is being honoured.


Music speaks to our hearts, especially in a funeral service.

The music selected and the way it is used usually set the emotional tone of the service.

Music can be played from a CD or iPod you supply, or by engaging musicians to play an instrument such as the organ, guitar, keyboard, bagpipes, bugle or other instrument.

Choirs, singers and soloists can also be arranged for a service if you wish.

For more information or to discuss any aspects of funeral arrangements, please contact us.